How to experience the One? How to experience God?

Why do I not Experience the One?

Student:  If there is only One without a second, and that is Reality, why do I see and experience the universe as full of separate things, as full of opposite dualities?

Master:  The universe you experience is a projection of your internal reality. 

Inside, you feel that you are unique and separate from the One, you have myriad beliefs, concepts, dogma, thoughts, feelings, cravings, aversions, attachments, and you have so many of these that you are not even aware of it.  Grace moving through your body mind, produces the unique light play that creates the universe you experience, just as you are within.  So, rather than seeing One without a second, you see the universe full of separate things.

But if you look closely, stilling your mind, you can notice that every thing you see out there in your universe, it is a mirror reflecting to you the light of truth that will help dispel a particular aspect of your spiritual ignorance, the ignorance that keeps you bound in self image.  And taken in totality, your universe is reflecting through myriad intelligent mirrors, the light of truth, the knowing acceptance of which will permanently dispel your spiritual ignorance.

As long as there is the sense of otherness, the sense of a separate-I in you, you will only experience a dualistic universe of separate things.  A dualistic separate-I cannot know the non-Dual One. Otherness cannot know No-otherness.

When the spiritual ignorance of being bound in the sense of otherness vanishes,  the universe including your own body-mind, will be seen as only One without a second, No-otherness.  Dualities will disappear in the great bright light of the non-dual Self.  This non-dual Self is who you are, all there is.

To experience the One, you have to be the One.  

And you are already That.



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