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What is Enlightenment?

A simple, approachable, demystified view into the topic of Enlightenment, and its practical relevance for the seeker in you.

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How to Experience Enlightenment?

Awaken brings a simple, guided approach to the profound teaching of Self Inquiry, the direct path to the realization of your real nature.

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Practice with Sundar

The Peace Practice

Cultivate Peace Within. Live. Online. Free.
Weekdays. 7am and 10am Eastern Time USA.

Finding Peace in the Midst of Life’s Storms: When fears, worries, anxieties, and stress come to stay, peace and calm will seem distant. But peace within, is ever-present and unchanging. You can learn to experience peace right in the midst of these life storms.

A Simple Way to Cultivate Peace: Offered weekdays online, you can join Sundar Kadayam, for 15 minutes of The Peace Practice. The practical benefit is the direct experience of peace which becomes palpable in daily living. The profound benefit is that when attention rests in the silence of the heart, your sense of personal-self is eroded, essentially cultivating surrender.

Pointers to Awakening and Living Awake

The No-otherness Blog

With the direct experience of your real nature as the No-otherness, the pushes and pulls of life don’t immediately change, at least not for everyone. Here, in the No-otherness Blog, we bring reminders, pointers if you will, to your real nature, right in the midst of your normal living. These are opportunities to return to being as you truly are.

The Sacred Silence
When you feel anger, your mind is fixated on the unresolved past, and when you feel …
Be Careful What You Let In
Is your life weighed down by comparison and jealousy? Are you a prisoner to your judgments …
Unusual Gratitude
You may feel grateful for what you have or what you experience. This is good. But …
Just What Is
What is here? What is really here? Is it a world with ever-changing experiences that you …
Religion vs Reality
What is the difference between Religion and Reality? Read this short post and find the way …
Who Are You?
You say "my body" and "my mind". Who is the "you" whose body and mind this …
Is Cultivation of Peace an Escape from Life?
In a chaotic world, if we cultivate inner peace, are we escaping from the world's realities …

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