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With the direct experience of your real nature as the No-otherness, the pushes and pulls of life don’t immediately change, at least not for everyone. Here, in the No-otherness Blog, we bring reminders, pointers if you will, to your real nature, right in the midst of your normal living. These are opportunities to return to being as you truly are.

A New Year Blessing
A heartfelt new year blessing, and a pointer to the real YOU.
Introducing Enlightenment
Introducing Enlightenment – free eBook – visual introduction to Enlightenment, presenting a distillation of wisdom from …
Happy New Year 2022
Wish you and your dear ones a Grace-filled 2022.
Whispers of Perfection
Your heart whispers about perfection. Peace that isn't fickle. Love that isn't bounded. Happiness that isn't …
A New Year Wish For You
A tumultuous 2020 is drawing to a close. Here is my new year wish for you …
The Eternal Fire
At the core of what you want from life is freedom. Freedom from limitation. Freedom from …
The Essence Of It All
All your experiences of yourself and the world are characterized by change. Nothing is constant. Everything …

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