Religion vs Reality

Religion: There is only one God.

Reality: There is only One. God.

What is the difference?

Just a placement of the period?

Yes, and yet, an ocean of difference.

Religion requires your belief first, and direct experience may or may not happen at some time. Religion can spawn battles over what is the “one God” that is true. Religion can bring solace, but it is a fact that it also breeds hatred and has caused great suffering and death through history.

Reality can be experienced here, now. One only, as it is. You appear to be separate from this One. That is the clue to the inquiry into Reality. Trace the sense of otherness to its source. The experience of Reality sets you free from the grip of otherness, leaving No-otherness shining as it is.



Awaken: An Experiential Exploration of Enlightenment” offers a guided approach to Self-Inquiry, the inquiry into Reality.

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