About Sundar Kadayam

Sundar Kadayam is the author of The No-otherness Series.  “Author” is a loaded term to use for these heart offerings.  “Scribe” may be a better, more accurate term, to describe the act of capturing these “downloads from silence.”

Sundar’s personal spiritual journey has been shaped by meditations and practices from the traditional system of Reiki, devotional surrender, selfless work, and Self-Inquiry. 

Sundar is a respected healer, trusted mentor, and beloved teacher.  His journey into healing and awakening unfolded right alongside business endeavors as a technology entrepreneur, over nearly 19-years, starting in 2001.

Sundar’s daily pointers to Reality can be seen at https://NoOtherness.com/ and its corresponding social media channels.

Sundar has contributed a number of articles about the traditional system of Reiki and the spiritual insights and experiences it brought on the path to awakening.  You can see them on the blog at IHReiki.com.

Sundar’s professional career as a technologist and an entrepreneur, now fading rapidly into the past just as all of life experiences do, can be glimpsed through his LinkedIn page.

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