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About the Awaken Book

Your experience of life can often seem like a constant swing between happiness and suffering. Even as you seek happiness, love, and peace, fears, anger, and lack are never far behind.

Nothing you can gain in the world will remain forever – impermanence is the nature of experience in the world.

Is this life of limitation, your destiny? Are you meant to be trapped in the ups and downs of life?

The Enlightened Masters say that the reason for your suffering in life is because you’ve never examined who you really are. They point out that the one who experiences life in this way is not the real you.

The Masters point out that your original, real nature is boundless and unchanging. The experience of your real nature feels like peace, love, and happiness without their opposites.

Throughout human history, many people have had this experiential recognition of their real nature. We label this realization as Enlightenment, Awakening, or Self-Realization.

This book is a heart offering that helps you with the experiential exploration of who you really are and what the boundless and unchanging Reality is.

Come find the answer in your direct experience, to the existential question, “Who Am I?” Dear One, it is time to awaken to your true nature.

What People are Saying

This is a masterful work. Wonderful… A wonderful dialogue form that makes this rather difficult for the mind to absorb process easy in a step-by-step experiential process. Wonderful! In my humble opinion, it really works.

~ Peter Cutler, monk, spiritual teacher, and author of The Zen of Love

If you want to be one with the holy fire in your heart, your innermost longing, but don’t know how, read Awaken. You will be moved to the depth of your core, and when you finish the book, you will not be the same person anymore.

~ Guthema Roba, mystic and author of Wake Up and Roar – Poetry for meditation and awakening

What a gift this book from Sundar is. Every page you open you are rewarded with deep teachings, bringing us back to the sense of oneness. Sundar takes deep and ancient teachings of Advaita Vedanta and makes them accessible to us all in an easy-to-grasp, modern way. This book is for anyone who wants to find their authentic self.

~ Jeff Emerson, yoga teacher, healer, and author of Unfolding the Lotus

Interviews with Sundar Kadayam

Be The Light Podcast with Maria Kammerer – Interview with Sundar Kadayam

Traditional Reiki Master and Teacher, Maria Kammerer, interviews Sundar about the Awaken book. This interview spotlights how this book is different than other books – that it is not meant to add to your knowledge, but to guide you to your own direct experience. The interview also touches on the beauty of the direct path to realizing your real nature, namely, Self-Inquiry (aka Self-Enquiry).

Be The Light Podcast, with Maria Kammerer – Interview with Sundar Kadayam on Awaken: An Experiential Exploration of Enlightenment

Check out Maria’s many wonderful interviews and conversations with amazing spiritual teachers and other people who help build momentum towards positive change in your life: Be The Light Podcast.

Empowerment Hour with Seema – Interview with Sundar Kadayam

The Empowerment Hour is where passion + purpose intersect raw and unfiltered discussions hosted by Seema Kapur of the Purva Mindfulness Center. In this hour-long interview, Seema discusses Awakening, its relevance to modern life, how this book helped her personally during a time of crisis. This includes a meditation, “Resting Attention in the Heart,” led by Sundar.

Here are a couple of clips of this interview, from Empowerment Hour with Seema on YouTube:

Here the link to the full interview video on Facebook.

Check out more interviews with authors, mindfulness and meditation teachers, healers, and other spiritual practitioners on the Empowerment Hour with Seema.

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