1. Does Sundar provide talks?

For many years, Sundar has only worked with a select group of spiritual aspirants in the Cincinnati region. Since 2019, Sundar has offered talks from time to time in public settings (videos coming soon).

If you would like Sundar to share a talk in your community, please contact us here, with your thoughts or ideas.

2. Are there any webinars, courses, or retreats or Satsangs available that I could join?

The Peace Practice – Free, online, just 15-minutes, on weekdays, to connect and rest in the peace within.

The Healing Hour – One hour of healing, online, in a small group setting. Experience deep relaxation and healing.

You can also get the free book, “What is Enlightenment? A Simple Guide.”

Stay tuned to The No-otherness Blog and/or our social media channels for updates.

3. How can I connect with Sundar?

Stay tuned for additional offerings and opportunities to connect with Sundar. You can also send us your specific need or question via the Contact Us form.

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