The Peace Practice

Finding Peace in the Midst of Life’s Storms

When fears, worries, anxieties, and stress come to stay, peace and calm will seem distant. But peace within, is ever-present and unchanging. You can learn to experience peace right in the midst of these life storms.

The Peace Practice Live

Offered weekdays online, you can join a group of people, led by Sundar Kadayam, for 15 minutes of The Peace Practice. It is free.

The practical benefit of this simple meditation is the direct experience of peace which becomes palpable in daily living.

The profound benefit of this easy meditation practice is that when attention rests in the silence of the heart, your sense of personal-self is eroded, essentially cultivating surrender.

The Experience of The Peace Practice

You can experience this yourself through this recording of The Peace Practice. Put on your headset or earbuds and take 15-minutes to listen to, and follow the guidance given in this video.

The Peace Practice – On Clarity – Recording

Each Peace Practice session starts with a short wisdom contemplation on a topic related to the experience of peace in life, followed by a simple, yet profound meditation of resting your attention in the heart.

The Benefits of The Peace Practice

Practical benefits of this simple daily practice include the experience of calmness in the day, an increasing ease in dealing with life’s storms, an improvement in relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and a significant reduction in bouts of fear, worries, anxiety and stress.

The Peace Practice is the art of resting attention in the heart. In its depth, this is the art of surrender. Profound benefits of The Peace Practice emerge in the form of deepening humility and gratitude, and coming into the Flow of life. There is a deepening awareness as attention remains steady in the moment. There is a natural equanimity, a deep acceptance of what is, as is. All these are natural because, in surrender, the unchanging peace-love-happiness that is your original nature shines, as it is.

What Participants are Saying

Listen to what these people, who are regular participants in The Peace Practice, have to say about its impact in their lives.

“If you’ve been thinking about learning how to meditate, this is a really simple yet powerful place to start … I’ve been joining him regularly since the pandemic began and I can feel the difference it has made to my state of mind and sense of well-being. I highly recommend The Peace Practice.”

~ Kim

“Sundar Kadayam’s Peace Practice has been an incredible gift during this challenging time! It is such a comfort to know I will experience a period of deep peace each time I attend and I can feel the ripple effect throughout my day as I dip back into that reservoir.”

~ Liz

“I find this 15 minutes first thing in the morning is just perfect. The timing is right and I know I can easily fit it into my schedule. I can find that place of peace before I begin my day which really sets the tone for the entire day. It makes it easier for me to stay in a place of peace, and also find my peace again and again throughout the day as life’s challenges arise. And Sundar’s wisdom and soothing voice are absolutely perfect.”

~ Lori

“He has a simple yet direct way of bringing a novice or experienced meditator into finding deep peace within. I find that this simple 15 minute practice enriches and helps set my day. I can easily pull this practice back in whenever I need it throughout the day as well. This is life-changing! I suggest trying The Peace Practice. At least once.”

~ Sarah

“I started with The Peace Practice sessions during the COVID-19 lock-down in India. I have felt grateful for whatever I have got in life over the years and especially at this point in time when there is uncertainty all around. I did feel a little disturbed in the current scenario where there are a lot of people undergoing both mental and physical pain on a daily basis. The Peace Practice’s emphasis on finding peace within first has been of great value.”

~ Girish

Who Can Benefit from The Peace Practice?

Anyone who is experiencing stress, fears, worries, anxiety, anger, or lack can benefit from The Peace Practice.

The Peace Practice is very simple. No prior meditation experience is needed. Yet, experienced meditators find its direct approach to the silence within, to be very transformative.

What does The Peace Practice have to do with Awakening, Enlightenment, No-otherness?

The Peace Practice is about cultivating the art of resting attention in the silence of the heart. As such, The Peace Practice is really about the cultivation of surrender.

Radical Surrender is the direct path to Awakening.

As a preparatory practice, The Peace Practice brings a ton of practical benefits, each extricating your attention from the grip of, and the comings and goings of life.

As a deepening spiritual practice, The Peace Practice helps cultivate awareness, the vast openness of your original nature. It helps you attend to life experiences from the foundation of the peace-love-happiness without their opposites.

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