What is “The No-otherness Series”?

The No-Otherness Series is a collection of books aiming to help you awaken to your real nature and live awake. 

Book 0: What is Enlightenment? A Simple Guide

A simple, approachable, demystified view into the topic of Enlightenment, and its practical relevance for the seeker in you.

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Book 1: Awaken: An Experiential Exploration of Enlightenment

Who are you really? What is your real nature? Find this experientially with the Awaken book. It brings a simple, guided approach to the profound teaching of Self Inquiry (aka Self Enquiry), the direct path to the realization of your real nature.

Available in digital, paperback and hardcover now.

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Book 2: Arise: Learn to Live Awake

Arise: Learn to Live Awake – helps you live awake, from and as this realization of your real nature, through a simple framework and practical methods, right in the midst of this often chaotic or mesmerizing world.

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Book 3: Abide: Pointers to Living Awake

Getting clear of what enlightenment is, and having an experiential glimpse of your real nature, and committing to living awake as who you really are, you are a rarity among humans.

That said, the guiles of the world are often too strong, and it is possible to lose touch, even if temporarily, the wakefulness that is your real nature.

The Abide book is constructed in the form of short writings and poems, whose central aim is to provide you pointers to return to your nature wakefulness.

Coming soon!

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