Happenings Happening

A river is a moving body of water that is never the same at any two points in time. Gaze at one part of the river and it is not the same water even as seconds tick by in time.

A river is not a thing as you conceive it and label it. There only “rivering”! Ever-changing!

Rivering flows into ocean.

But even ocean is never the same at any two points in time. Consider that the ocean is an ever-changing ecosystem where lifeforms continually change it’s make up, with the moon pulling on it, the Sun evaporating water from it, and rivers flowing into it.

An ocean is not a thing as you conceive and label it.  There is only “oceaning”! Ever-changing!

Rivering flowing into oceaning! Ever-changing!

In this way, the Master points that the world as you conceive it is not what it is. You see the world not as it is but as you are. From a mind that works with it’s concepts of the world and not its alive, present continuous Reality.

All your experiences as you conceive them are conceptual ideas. There are no experiences in Reality, only “experiencing”.

What is the essence of experiencing? Being aware. That dear One, is your real nature. The field of being whose nature is awareness.

There is happening happening
In present awareness
And it is not personal
As you imagine it
As you conceive it

Before your conceptual mind
Before the separate-self 
That it serves
Is your real nature
Pristine awareness

So that this pointer doesn’t become a concept, should we say, Reality is the ever-present Awarenessing!

See this clearly! Reality cannot be described in concepts. This is why the Master says, “Be Silent!”



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