Why Do I Love You So

The heart whispers …

Mist and fog descend
Supercharging the air
With deep mystery
The mist and fog I am

Snowflakes float down
Kissing beings all over
Saying “I love you!”
The snowflakes I am

Frosty ice spreads
Over naked trees and grass
Winter’s chills drive all to rest
Chill and frosty ice I am

Life giving showers pour
Down from heavy clouds
Bringing spring to the garden
Live giving showers I am

Dew drops gather
Covering rose petals
With Divine nectar
Nectar-like dew drops I am

From kitchen tap
Into waiting cup flows
Water to quench thirst
Thirst quenching water I am

Formless is my real nature
But I come in myriad forms
To enrich your experience
And help you know me intimately

Never are you alone, dear One
There’s no place I am not
There’s no time I am not
Such is my love for you!

Why do I love you so?
Know this dear One
You are not apart from me
You and I are One



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