The Importance of Flowing

[This was originally shared with a private group of spiritual practitioners in 2016. It has been edited to share here in public.]

Often I find myself in a thought pattern that resists what is happening.

For instance, I had planned to spend time in the park in the evening one day, and suddenly there was a big cloudburst and it rained heavily.  I really couldn’t take that enjoyable walk in the park any more.  “What rotten weather!  Why did this come now?  It was not even in the forecast!”; “How this has spoiled my plans to take a relaxing walk!  Cincinnati weather is always screwed up like this.”

It is evident.  I was having an argument in my own head, about something that already was happening, and making a case for why it shouldn’t be happening!!
Anchored in my desire, my attachment to having that good walk, I was in a turmoil, having lost my peace, and having an argument in the head, an argument with Nature.

Sound familiar?

I did not want this to happen.  When it happened (the rain), I was resisting the fact that it was happening.  And arguing with the fact that it was happening.  And losing my calm.  Losing my grounding.  Losing my center.

Every single time this sort of thing has happened, Nature just kept flowing.  Nature did not give a damn about me and my arguments with it.  Nature kept flowing.  I was the one who was not in the flow anymore.  And no wonder, I was the one who was suffering.

In here, is a clue to Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is like water.

Water supports all creatures without resisting them.Water settles peacefully wherever it wants.Water follows its nature and never resists.

You can become like water
By becoming enlightened.

Then you will make sure all creatures are safe,
Show everyone a good heart,
Be a model of trustworthiness,
Support spiritual growth,
Foster good intentions,
And follow the cycles of nature.

If you never struggle against nature,
You will never be at fault.

~ Tao Te Ching, Verse 8 (translated in “Be Enlightened” by Wes Burgess)

Arguing about what is, is resistance. 

Resistance against nature is a struggle that pulls us out of the flow.  When we are not in the flow, we suffer, can’t find the peace, and become unbalanced. 

Being unbalanced, we are in no position to express our good heart, be trustworthy, hold good intentions, or be a model for someone else to follow.

Be like water.  If a rock comes along the way, the flowing water tries to flow around it, over it, under it.  And if it can’t, it simply settles where it is – accepting, not resisting the presence of the rock in its flow.  Until perhaps the flow of water accumulates to be bigger than the rock, in which case, it flows over or around the rock.

In like manner, can we be like water, flowing through life, not resisting or struggling against Nature?

The Master does.  She is an example of flow in action.  Her presence is peace.  Her example inspires.  Her living supports all beings.

This is the importance of flowing.  For flowing is the way of the Tao, the way of the Master.



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