Are you a bully? Do you treat yourself badly?

Are You a Bully? You’ll be Surprised!

Are You a Bully? Let’s find out!

“You are stupid!”
“You never get anything right!”
“You always make a fool of yourself”
“You dream too big.  You’re not good enough to achieve them.”
“You can’t even keep a simple practice going?”

If you heard someone telling these kinds of things to another person, would you not think that this person is judgmental and maybe even a bully to say these things to another person?

But what if the person saying this was you, and the one to whom you were saying this was also you?

If you have inner conversations like this about yourself, you are probably being a bully to yourself!

If you never thought of yourself as a bully, but this questioning is showing you otherwise, then you have an opportunity now.  You have an opportunity to let the self-criticism, the self-judgment go. 

“Be kind to yourself and others.”

Mikao Usui

Many of us as ready to be compassionate, forgiving and nurturing of others. But we treat ourselves like sh*t with our scathing self-criticism and incessant self-judgment.

If you cannot be kind to yourself first, how effective will your kindness for others be?

More importantly, you don’t want to be a judgmental bully, certainly not towards yourself, do you?

When you set that judgmental chatter aside, you will see that who you are is the Big Love you are trying to be for others! 

Be that Big Love which you already are!



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