Everything Changes

Everything changes. Everything passes and is transformed. Life is non-fixation. Every fixed memory, like and obsessive desire, is a cancerous cell in our life. It consumes us, creating obstacles to the circulation of the current of cosmic energy. A calm mind not tied to anything lets authentic wisdom appear.

~ Taisen Deshimaru

At one level, we can readily see that everything changes … our own body, our mind, the place we live in, what we do during the course of the day, nature around us, and even the circumstances of our lives.  Our own body regenerates all cells within all the time.  

At another level, our mind anchors itself to this desire or that.  To this memory or that.  To this unresolved issue or that.  In the inevitable cosmic flow, the mind creates anchors and tethers to hold onto things that by their very nature will change and die in time.  All manner of struggle, all challenges emerge from this behavior, which puts us in opposition to the natural flow.  

Can you imagine bicycling in a direction where the wind is blowing against your face/body?  Can you imagine sailing a boat against the wind?  Can you imagine running uphill versus downhill?  Can you imagine kayaking upstream?  All these would be extremely difficult, right?  That is exactly what our clinging to memories, clinging to desires does to us.  It makes our lives complex.  It creates an obsessive attachment to these things.  It forces us to live in a self-made reality, versus the cosmic flow.

In this space, clarity cannot be easily experienced.  In this space, wisdom cannot be easily tapped.  In this space, we fight against the very foundational forces of life itself.

It is only by letting go of our obsessive grasp on our desires, our memories, our unresolved past issues, our anxious feelings of the future … it is by letting these go, that we can come back to real wellness, come back to being in the cosmic flow.

When we feel pain from life events, when we feel that we are struggling with dealing with circumstances … it is most likely because we are fighting the flow.  Note this and change yourself to get back in the flow.

Looking at this a bit deeper, you can readily see that, you feel like an individual, a separate person, who is apart from the world, and life. This otherness, this self-identity on behalf of which you cling to thoughts, feelings, memories, desires, issues and such, is the source of the trouble. This otherness is what you really need to let go. And when you do, what remains is Reality, No-otherness, as it is, life’s flow.



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