The Burden of Conceptual Understanding

Student: Master, is emptiness full of emptiness or is emptiness empty of emptiness?

Master: Be silent.

We come into our spiritual practice to gain understanding, to add to our knowledge in the belief that it adds to our wisdom. The premise, it appears, is that since Enlightenment is real wisdom, we can acquire enough knowledge and secrets that one day will result in Enlightenment.

Sadly, that is now how it works!

Why not?

Wisdom is what is before conceptual mind, and the mind’s striving to understand everything conceptually.

This is why authentic scriptures and Masters have always pointed the student, the seeker to “Be Silent!”

It is not through acquisition of deep knowledge, secret practices or exalted spiritual experiences that Enlightenment is precipitated. It is in letting go of it all, including the need to know, that the experiencing unfolds, of the Enlightenment that is already present.

It is not in knowing this or that, but being the knowingness, that Enlightenment is experienced.



Who am I? What is my real nature? These cannot be answered and understood as concepts. Yet, the mystery that is true self is already here, and can unfold as an experience, that when it does, cannot be conceptually described. Experience spiritual enlightenment now. Get guidance on Self-Inquiry, and awaken to your real nature, through this book – Awaken: An Experiential Exploration of Enlightenment.

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