How Is Your Time Spent?

Is it in gathering a head full of knowledge or
is it in cultivating a heart full of love?

Is it in the desperateness to speak or
is it in opening ears and mind wide to listen?

Is it in hands that clutch to possess or
is it in hands that open wide to help, to give?

Is it in complaining about this or that or
is it in feeling gratitude for what is?

Is it in holding grudges and resentments or
is it in letting the past go and being free?

Is it in being gripped by fears and worries or
is it in having trust and faith?

Is it in resisting the here and now or
is it in being in the flow?

Is it in the “I” as the “I” or
is it in and as the One?

Contemplate on this and choose wisely in the moment.



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