What is Awakened Living?

Your normal living is characterized by experiences of dual opposites like good-bad, happy-sad, peace-perturbation, clarity-confusion. This occurs because you feel like an individual who is separate from the world, apart from life. There is a sense of otherness that underlies this. This is who you think you are, an ordinary person.

Yet, you feel somewhere within, that there should be more to it than this ordinary experience of life. This kicks off a journey to make a better form of yourself, often interlaced with a quest for spiritual meaning and fulfillment. The process can bring more happiness, more peace. This can be thought of as spiritual living. While decidedly better than normal living, spiritual living is an improved form of otherness. This is who you are trying to become, a spiritual person.

One alone is, as it is, unchanging. This is Reality. While this cannot be conceptually described, because Reality is before the conceptual mind, the Masters point that, in direct experience, it is characterized by a peace-love-happiness without their opposites. This is who you truly are. This is who you already are. Awakening is an experiential glimpse into your true nature, No-otherness. Awakened living is abidance in Reality.

Your deepest inner yearning is to be free, to be whole, to be the unchanging peace, the unconditional love, the causeless happiness. The otherness that you feel, causes you to chase after these in the world, when in fact, this is your own real nature. When you awaken to your real nature, the seeking ends, and the opportunity is present to return to being as you truly are.

Your awakened presence is the great bright light that can dispel darkness in the world.



The book, “Awaken: An Experiential Exploration of Enlightenment” is a heart offering that points you to your real nature, encouraging you to follow the pointer in your own direct experience. Follow the guided Self-Inquiry offered in this book, and realize your true self.

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