How To Be Free From Fear

In the midst of a global pandemic, you fear about your immunity, you fear about keeping your family safe and healthy, you fear about the economic fallout, you fear about your employment and income, you fear about your children’s education and more.

Following the news, your fears heighten. Following social media, Your fears amplify. When you are by yourself, your thoughts make the fear worse.

The Master says, “Do not fear. Fear is distraction!

Distraction from what? Distraction from finding the inner sanctuary where fear doesn’t exist and serenity abounds, where peace is present without perturbation, as your own real nature.

Remaining in fear, you rob yourself of clarity. Without clarity your actions will be weak. Results of weak actions will drive more fear. And you’ll feel crushed in this downward spiral.

Choose to find this sanctuary within where peace is always present, and rest in that peace as peace. What you’ll unleash from here is clarity, wisdom, strength, courage, happiness and love. Clear thoughts, words and actions will flow effortlessly, touching one and all in their wake. When you are anchored in peace, your near and dear ones will feel the soothing, calming presence, and the world will rejoice in the cooling waves of serenity, emerging from it.


Join us in The Peace Practice Live. And experience the inner sanctuary where fear is absent, and peace is ever-present! Anchor in the unchanging peace now.

Wake up now to your own real nature, the peace-love-happiness without opposites. Get the book, “Awaken: An Experiential Exploration of Enlightenment.”

Do not fear. Fear is distraction.” This is a variation of the precepts of Mikao Usui, the founder of the system of Reiki.

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