What is Wholeness?

When you are somebody, you cannot experience Wholeness. In and as Wholeness, there is no somebody, there is only Wholeness as it is!

Being somebody is the veil
That obscures Wholeness
Which alone is, as it is

What is Wholeness?
That to which you cannot add something
To make it more complete
That from which you cannot take away something
To make it less full

Wholeness, dear One
Is who you really are
But cannot see as such because
You believe that you are somebody and
You want to be a better somebody

Awakening is the experiential recognition
Of the Wholeness
That is your real nature



Realize yourself as Wholeness. Check out the book, Awaken: An Experiential Exploration of Enlightenment.

Attached Zen Art, created by Peter Windi’Hi Cutler – Peter’s incredible art work is available here: https://www.zenartofenlightenment.com/zen-art. What words cannot speak about, these works of art do, for they are the flow of silence. Go there, experience these for yourself.

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