The Essence Of It All

What is there with you
In anger as well as love
In fear as well as serenity
In greed as well as generosity
In entitlement as well as gratitude
In waking as well as sleeping

What is there with you
In cacophony as well as euphony
In the ugly as well as the beautiful
In the foul as well as the fragrant
In the bland as well as the spicy
In the tough as well as the tender

What is there with you
In lion’s roar and birdsong
In starlight and moonrise
In the land and the sky
In hunger and thirst
In mist and dewdrop

What remains unchanging
As the world turns
As life goes up and down
As you swing between
Happiness and suffering
Hope and despair

Find this, dear One
And you’ll have found
Your unchanging real self
The essence of it all
The timeless, the spaceless
One, without a second



Behind the swirl of the dualities of life and the myriad forms of the changing world, there is something unchanging. This is not philosophy or theology. This is Reality. This doesn’t need belief. Experience this directly. “Awaken: An Experiential Exploration of Enlightenment” can help guide you in this exploration

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