What does it mean to Awaken?

In an interview with the podcast show, Empowerment Hour with Seema, I was asked the question on what it means to Awaken? See this video clip on the ensuing conversation.

Reality is One without a second, unchanging, as it is.

The experience of Reality feels like peace-love-happiness without their opposites.

For most of us, most of the time, our actual experience of life is NOT the experience of Reality. Why so?

The Masters point that there is something akin to a veil that seems to be there, between Reality and your experience of it. What is this veil? What seems to distort or obscure the peace-love-happiness that is already there?

Your sense of individuality, the personal-self you think you are, this is the veil. As long as that veil of separation seems to exist, the undistorted experience of Reality cannot arise.

In turn, our experience of life, the Masters say, is akin to that of a dream. In a dream, during the dream experience, everything experienced within the dream appears real. Then upon waking up from sleep and the dream, the content of the dream experience is clearly seen to be unreal.

The Masters say that awakening is waking up to Reality, from the dream-like experience of life that you have as a separate-person.

In awakening to Reality, separation falls, i.e. your belief that you are a separate-person, the sense of otherness you feel, this falls. What remains is the experiencing of Reality as it is.



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