What Do I Pray For You?

May you possess
Clarity in thought
Openness in hearing
Forgiveness in heart
Kindness in words
Generosity in action
Wellness in body
Detachment in mind
Compassion in presence
One-ness in experience
These I pray for you

But this is no ordinary prayer
This prayer is a statement
A statement of Truth
A mirror shining back to you
The Truth of That 
Which you already are

Wake up, dear one
Wake up and know this

You are That
The great bright light of Awareness
The unchanging peace
Love without conditions
Causeless happiness
Timeless, Infinite Presence
You are That



Awaken from the ignorance of otherness. Awaken to No-otherness, your real nature. Awaken to the great bright light of Awareness. Awaken to the peace-love-happiness without opposites. Awaken to True Self, the timeless, infinite presence. Experience your real nature through guided Self-Inquiry. Come and explore Enlightenment in direct experience. Find What is Enlightenment. Find What is True Self. Find what it means to Awaken. Get Awaken: An Experiential Exploration of Enlightenment, and realize True Self.

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