What is Your Purpose in Life?

You are not here
To cower in fear
To burn in anger
To live feeling lack
To be bound by littleness
To judge, to criticize

You are not here
To eke out a living
To find happiness in the world
To struggle with life
To argue with life
To cling to meager pickings

You are here
To discover your roar
To soar with mighty wings
To root in real happiness
To anchor in real peace
To find the healing love

You are here
To wake up
To the wholeness
To the freedom
To the peace-love-happiness
That is your real nature

You are here 
To remain awake
As what you really are
You are here
To touch others
And wake them up

You are here
To be free
To set others free
You are here
To be the Big Love
The world wants to see



* The No-otherness Series of books are resources for your awakening and living awake.

* Get the book, “What is Enlightenment? A Simple Guide“, which demystifies Enlightenment, and brings you clarity on preparatory practices vs direct paths to Enlightenment.

* Available now, “Awaken: An Experiential Exploration of Enlightenment” – is a resource that guides you to the direct experience of Reality, the One without a second. It is a guided form of Self-Inquiry, for those who find the natural self-exploration in the form “Who am I?” to be challenging.

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