The Ocean and the Dew Drop

Kabir, an enlightened saint from India, is known for his beautiful writings and verses on life, society, knowledge, guru, religion, God, and the true nature of reality.

Here is one such verse from Kabir:

I was looking for myself. 
And I found no self. 
I am no more. 
The dew drop is disappearing into the ocean.


On his death bed, Kabir told his son to correct the last sentence in this verse to:
The ocean is disappearing into the dew drop

When questioned about why he wanted to change this beautiful verse, he said:
That was my first experience, and this is my last” and closed his eyes and passed on.

What is the significance of using “dew drop” as the metaphor for his self?

The dew drop is beautiful, reflects the world around it, but most importantly, it comes and goes. Its impermanence, its fleeting existence is akin to that of the life in human form, as we normally conceive it and experience it.

What is the difference between: “The dew drop is disappearing into the ocean” and “The ocean is disappearing into the dew drop“?

In the direct experience of awakening, usually but not always, the personal-self (the dew drop) is seen not to exist, and True Self (the ocean) alone is there. In the depths of living awake, True Self (the ocean) alone is seen as the seemingly personal-self (the dew drop) and the world (the ocean). This is not shared here to give you some knowledge – Truth, Reality cannot be conceptualized. Treat this only as a pointer, for your own realization in direct experience!

Let the bubble burst
Let the “I” fall
That which was first
The One is all



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