The Beauty of the Button Pushers

We often feel about how wonderful it would be
To have an authentic awakened teacher
And clamor for that finding in the world outside!

Yet, God, Nature, this has always done one thing
It has kept the greatest teacher close by
Never far from your in daily experience!

It could be a parent, it could be a spouse
It could be a child, it could a colleague
It could be someone you help, or vice versa!

It could be through their love, their generosity
It could be through their wisdom, their clarity
It could be through their positive influence!

But often, it is through their anger, their fear
It is through their selfishness, thoughtlessness
It is often through their negative presence!

You see teachers tell you to avoid negative people
You see them tell you to protect yourself 
From all this sort of negative energy!

At a minimum, this is misunderstood
At worst, this is complete crock
Because something is totally missing here!

The person that pushes your buttons
The person that brings out anger or fear in you
They are here to serve you the most!

How so, you wonder, dear One?
They are here to wake you up
To your own boundless real nature!

They bring endless opportunities 
For you to let go of anger, fear, and more
So you can wake up to who you really are!

In this way, life keeps the greatest teacher
Right near you always, and shines through them
The radiance of Truth, by pushing your buttons!

You are one without buttons
You are one without limitations
You are the One who is eternally free!

By bringing for the vivid experience
Of what you absolutely are not
They shine to you what you are!

Can you see this dear One?
Can you see the beauty of the button pushers
And feel great gratitude in your heart?



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