The Futile Search

Let me tell you a story …

When I was in sixth grade, in a classroom, I was twiddling with a pen in one hand, and a few minutes later, I couldn’t find it.

It was a birthday gift to me, and the thought of losing it was unbearable. Frantically, even as the class was going on, I searched in my bag, in and around me, with no luck.

My mind went crazy, as I started wondering which evil kid around me had stolen my precious pen. After a few minutes of this maddening thinking, I stood up, and told the teacher that I had lost a precious birthday gift and described it, and asked if she could tell the students to check around them for it. She obliged. The search began in the classroom, and ended in a couple of minutes. I was in tears.

As I sat down in disappointment, my right hand drifted naturally to my socks which I’d fidget with as I’d listen in class. The fingers of my hand felt something in my right sock, and I pull it out out of my sock. Voila! It was my precious pen.

Happy. Stupid. Guilty. Sheepish. Feeling these rash of feelings, I interrupted the teacher to say that I found my pen.

This is what happens when you think that you’ve lost something, or are missing something, and frantically go around trying to find it or procure it, only to realize that it had never left you, that it’s always been there with you!

Sound familiar?

This dear One is your life story itself.

Your urge to become someone
Your urge to achieve things
Your incessant doing towards these
This is a pursuit based in ignorance
And it is ultimately unsatisfying
Due to the unsteady, changing nature
Of all accomplishments
Of all achievements In the world

The love you yearn for
The happiness you seek
The peace you sorely desire
The fulfillment you miss
Is there in you already
As the unchanging
That is your real nature

The Master says Know Thyself
Know who you really are
For this, and this alone
Will set you free to
Be the unbounded freedom
That you already are

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