The Secret of Inviting Happiness

Wish to invite happiness into your life experiences? Here’s the key:

Do not anger, do not fear
Show compassion, both far and near
Do be humble, and grateful too
With honest work in all you do

This is an adaptation of the simple, yet profound precepts of Mikao Usui, an enlightened Master, a gifted healer and teacher, and founder of what is known today as the system of Reiki.

Causeless happiness is your own real nature. Whenever your striving and struggling in life stops, in that moment, the happiness of your real nature rises up into your experience.

When can striving and struggling stop?

* When you let go of anger and its cousins, grudges, resentments, withholding forgiveness, your struggle with past experiences end.

* When you let go of fear and its cousins, worries, anxiety, stress, your struggle with control over what may unfold in the future ends.

* When you are compassionate, first to yourself, the struggle with your own perceived flaws, inadequacies, this ends. When you are compassionate with others and all beings, your sense of being separate from them, this deep inner struggle, this ends.

* When you are humble, you permit yourself to let go of your innumerable personal stories and are willing to take a stance in life, as it is, and your struggle with what is, this ends.

* When you are grateful, you feel the thankfulness for what is, and are able to sit in a celebration with what is, and again, your struggle with what is, this ends.

* When you are honest in all you do, you live from your integrity, and the struggle with self-criticism, self-judgment, this ends.

When struggle and striving stops, causeless happiness that is your real nature, this rises into your current experience.

Don’t make this into some sort of grand project with an action plan that you have to execute. If you do so, you would have introduced another thing to struggle with.

This is an in-the-moment matter. Here in the moment, can you let go of struggle and striving? If so, that great choice has been made, and happiness will rush in, and will be felt as contentment, fulfillment, peace, acceptance, love and more.

Rinse. Repeat for the next moment.

The secret of inviting happiness into your life is that causeless happiness is already your real nature, and that by letting go of struggle and striving in the moment, you permit that happiness within to permeate present experience.

Awakening is … to realize in direct experience, your real nature as the causeless happiness.

Awakened Living is … to live as you truly are, the causeless happiness.


Causeless happiness is another name for the unchanging peace that is your real nature. Awaken now, to your real nature. “Awaken: An Experiential Exploration of Enlightenment” is available in Kindle, paperback and hardcover formats.

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