Is It Time To Boost Your Vitamin-L Levels?

Of all the likely causes for an illness
One cause that seems to underlie it all
In so many people, in so many contexts
Is that we are starving for love inside!

This love starvation shows up in
The form of myriad symptoms
Like judgments, anger, rage, hatred
Worry, fear, stress, depression
And a range of bodily conditions too!

This is a kind of deficiency that
Fortunately can be fixed by strong
Doses of the unique compound
Vitamin-L, i.e. Love!

Prescribe Vitamin-L to yourself
And to others you help!

A warm hug*
A listening presence
Kind words
Random acts of kindness
Many are the ways to boost
The concentration of Vitamin-L!

What’s great is that
It costs nothing!

What’s even greater is that
There are no side effects
No drug interactions
No way to overdose!

Even more, if one is so full of this Vitamin-L
It simply spills over and floods
Into others around them
Curing their deficiency, their love starvation!

Are you ready to find out
What Vitamin-L can do for you?


* “A warm hug” – in these times of isolation due to the pandemic, we are limited to the giving and receiving of warm hugs. But, remember this – you can always give a warm hug to yourself every so often, as a simple practice.

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