Are You Weak? Is Struggle Your Destiny?

You may think that you are weak. That you have many flaws. That you cannot do things well enough. That you are doomed to be limited, to struggle and to suffer.

That is true. But only true about the person you imagine yourself to be. A separate individual who is apart from the world and disconnected from life’s flow. Afflicted by otherness.

That is not true about who you really are.

The wholeness in which nothing is missing. The freedom that is timeless. The unchanging peace-love-happiness. The you that is life’s flow. Free as the No-otherness.

Which self are you attending to here, now?

For how long will you continue this ignorance?

Wake up, dear One!

Through suffering, struggle, and littleness, life is reflecting to you that which is in the way of your radiant luminescence through which worlds are born and known!

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