Release Your Beauty

Don’t just be a visitor
That shows up at
The secret threshold
Dipping your toes
Into the waters of silence

Don’t be merely satisfied
That it soothes
And it calms
And it eases
Your frayed mind-body

Having come here
Root in these waters
Soak in this serenity
Drop your self-image
Drown in infinity

Your are not limited
You are not in bondage
You are not stuck
What you are
Is boundless freedom

Time cannot imprison you
Space cannot contain you
Thoughts cannot touch you
Feelings cannot affect you
Failures cannot haunt you

So, seek that silence
Like the sunflower
Seeks the Sun
And release your beauty
To bless the world



What is your real nature? Who are you? Beyond the name, the labels, the attributes, the qualities, the yearnings, the fears, and more, who are you? Realize your essence, your true self first. The book “Awaken: An Experiential Exploration of Enlightenment” can help with that Self-Inquiry.

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