What is the secret of life experiences?

Why do Some Things Happen in Life? The Secret of Life Experiences

Sometimes things just go wrong. Unfolding events are challenging. Unexpected turn of events may be painful. Isn’t this our experience of life?

The job interview that didn’t materialize. 
The much hoped for project got rejected. 
A dear one is taken seriously ill. 
A friend dies suddenly.
An accident happens.
Job is lost.
Unexpected and heavy expenses come forth.   
Love offered is not understood or worse, spurned. 
The deserved promotion is given to someone else. 
Our child makes a decision that puts them in great trouble.

And worse, sometimes it is one crisis after another, with no seeming end to it.

Rattled as we would feel in the throes of experiences like this, we do wonder why this is happening!  And why this is happening to us or our dear ones now!

If our true nature is Peace-Love-Happiness without their opposites, as the Master points, what is all this drama?

Grace is always present.  If so, why this crazy up and down experiencing?

All this is in the Flow. 

Every experience we have has one main prime goal, the prime directive, to wake us up to who we truly are.

And sometimes, because we haven’t gotten the learning from previous experiences, new ones unfold with a certain increasing intensity, bringing the opportunity to learn that which was ignored before. 

Challenging experiences, or crisis experiences are just that … more intense experiences attempting to bring that message louder and clearer than was delivered before, but we didn’t get it back then.

Love sometimes wants to do us a great favor: hold us upside down and shake all the nonsense out.

~ Rumi

During challenging or crisis experiences, you can notice the natural tendency of the mind is to attach tighter to its positions, its desires, its longings, lash out at the external world, lash out at oneself, lash out at the Divine, even as confusion prevails.  Until it becomes unbearable, and we look for a way out.  

What is the way out? The way out is to drop the nonsense of the separate-I.  The way out is surrender of the self-image, the ego-self.  The way out is to return to the Awareness we are.

It is Nature’s compassion, it is the Love of True Self, that sometimes, our life gets shaken up and turned upside down.  It is an opportunity for the apparent form of the separate-I to crack, and for it to fall and the nonsense to spill out, and for Light and Love of the Truth we are to shine.

Seen as such, could you approach your next challenging experience from Awareness? 

Could you be ready to see the beauty of the unfolding of that challenge or crisis? 

Could you prepare to notice how Love is shaking the nonsense out? 

Can you do the same for a prior experience that you have been perplexed about?



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