Potato or Egg?

The world is boiling.

In a boiling world, it is better to be a potato than an egg. *


When a potato boils, it softens!

When an egg boils, it hardens!

With strong ego, beliefs, and prejudices, a boiling world hardens you! With hardened views, you can become part of the problem!

With open mind, flexibility, and understanding, a boiling world softens you! With softened views, you can adapt and be part of the solution!

Compassion + Humility + Integrity (CHI), these you can remain firm on, and in fact, go deeper!

Beliefs, judgments, opinions, these you can become open and flexible, and in fact, let them go as much as possible!

So, dear One, here and now
Are you being a potato?
Or are you being an egg?

Choose wisely 😊



* I read this somewhere many years ago, and am retelling it in the way it impacted me. Gratitude for the originator of this!

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