What is Peace?

It is not through
Completion of your tasks
Trying to control the future
Trying to change the past
That peace will
Emerge as your experience

Peace is always here, now
Unchanging, as it is
Within you
As your own
Real nature

It is in resting attention
In the silence within
That peace becomes
Your experience
Here, now

It is in being at peace
It is in being peace
That you easily flow through life
Without the need to control the future
Without the need to change the past
Without the need to toil over
Zillions of things to do

It is in being peace
That you come into the flow of Grace
Where struggle and limitations end
And unbounded freedom is, as it is

By being the unchanging peace within
You become a potent instrument of peace
That the world yearns for

Cultivate being the peace within
Join us in The Peace Practice
Free, Live, Online Meditation
Just 15-minutes every weekday
And be the peace
That you wish to see in the world



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