Whispers of Perfection

Love in the world is fickle
Respect in society is a fair-weather bird
Ego bubbles brushing against
Other ego bubbles

Even dear ones aren’t consistent
In their conduct towards you
Through judgments
Insensitive words
Thoughtless actions
Dear ones also appear to hurt you

That being so, why, dear One
Do you look outside yourself
For the perfection your heart speaks of
When it is right there inside you
In the silence of the heart

Yes, you yearn for a love so deep
You yearn for a big love
That lays no conditions
That has no boundaries
But you keep looking for it
In the world outside you
And keep getting disappointed

Isn’t it time dear One
To change tracks and plunge within
To seek the source
Of those heart whispers
That speak to you about

Isn’t it time to ride
The lightning bolt of attention
To the heart cave
Following the trail of silence
To its source, and dissolve in
The still ocean of Awareness
Where big love is, as it is
One without a second
Your own real nature



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