The Secret of Rested Attention

Erratic breath
Scattered attention
Pacing mind

Present not enough
Poised on becoming
Overlooking being

Pause dear One
Life happens here, now
Not in past or future

Take a short break
And see what nature reflects
About the way of healing

Smell the fragrance of flowers
Hear the birds sing
And the animals chatter
See the Sun rise and set

Feel wind blow
Look at clouds form
Watch the rainfall
Taste sweet honey

Beautiful! Joyous!
Is it not!

Scattered attention cannot know
This beauty and joy
That rested attention can

Knowledge cannot know
This beauty and joy
That unlabeled experience can

Why so?

Rested attention takes you
Closer to your real source
Where attention is not
Caught in the coming and going

Rested attention takes you
From knowing this and that
To the knowingness
That is your real nature



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