Finding Your Life Purpose

The Master says that
The purpose of a flower
Is to be the flower
The purpose of the bee
Is to be the bee

So also, your purpose
Is to be you

“Wait a minute” you protest
“But I’m already me!”

Well, not entirely!

The you that you think you are
Is a limited sense of individual self

The you that you think you are
Is like a cloud
The you that you really are
Is like the vast open sky

Know your real self first
Then be your real self
This is your real purpose in life

Ask “Who am I?”
Let any answer come
Discard it if it points to something changing
Keep going until you touch the unchanging

Need help in this Self-Inquiry? Get the book, “Awaken: An Experiential Exploration of Enlightenment.” It gives you guidance in the process of Self-Inquiry, facilitating a direct glimpse of your real nature.



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