Being Free of Worries – The Peace Practice

Worry – a companion we’ve had some time or another. For some of us, perhaps, a relatively more constant companion.

What is worry?

“Give way to anxiety or unease; allow one’s mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles.”

“A state of anxiety and uncertainty over actual or potential problems.”

In its essence, something about the coming hours, days, months, or years, has uncertainty to it. The future is uncertain. This creates anxiety. To prevent bad things from happening in the future, you may try to “worry enough” in advance, to avoid it. But worrying more, creates more anxiety. And that begins a downward spiral that leads to illness.

By worrying, you are placing attention on that which you don’t really want.

What you really want is wellness, peace, happiness. What you end up doing is NOT spending attention on these.

When worry has become a habit, it may feel insurmountable. It may feel impossible to get a breakthrough. Yet, the reality is that worries are like clouds that come and go. Unchanging peace within you, is like the Sun that remains, ever-present, shining without fail.

That said, it helps to cultivate the habit of paying attention to that which you do want.

In the Peace Practice, we are cultivating the habit of resting attention in the silence within, the source of unchanging peace itself. The more consistent your practice of resting attention in silence, you’ll see that your habitual worrying becomes weaker and will fall away.

What started as a heart offering on March 30th, 2020, to cultivate peace during this pandemic, is blossoming into a regularly available practice.

Join us on weekdays. It is free. Live. Online. Simple, yet profound. Cultivate inner peace. Cultivate silence. Cultivate surrender.



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