When Love is Hit by Lightning

When love is hit by lightning *
Your heart is so wide open
That you smile effortlessly
You indulge in kindness 
Without expectation of rewards

You simply sit with someone
Without feeling the need to judge
Without feeling the urge to speak
Simply being happy in letting
Your wide open heart do the magic

Your words, when spoken
Feel like soothing pain balm
Easing the trouble someone faces

Your touch, when extended
Feels like the warmth and power
Of a mother’s caring touch
To soothe a dear child

Your hugs feel so special
Like the real embrace of the Beloved
Somehow manifest materially

When love is hit by lightning
Peace radiates from your being
Drawing one and all into
The serenity that heals

Happiness flows for anyone
To feel and experience
In their own lives

Your little love is transformed
Into a boundless Big Love
In which no one is left out

When love is hit by lightning
The world shifts, rules are bent
To allow the presence
That shines in your being
Become the source
Of mystic miracles
For one and all

Do you wonder, dear One
How love is hit by lightning?

Unconditional love
Big love is your real nature
It is unchanging, and is ever-present
As the essence in the heart

Pristine awareness is also your real nature
The light of knowing that is
The source of the lightning
Behind your real intuitions
It too is the essence in the heart

Love is hit by lightning 
When your attention is withdrawn
From mind and worldly matters
And surrendered in the heart
To spark the sacred alchemy
Of the formless love and light
Become manifest into form
First rising in and opening the heart
Then infusing into every nook and cranny
In your body and in your mind
And extending out forever
Unconstrained by body-mind

Love is hit by lightning
When your surrender in the heart
Is so complete that your body-mind
Becomes the pure instrument
Of Grace

This is not an abstract idea
This is the living reality of the Master
Which in turn, points not just
To the potential that lies within
But also to the Reality
That is your real nature
The recognition of which is
The sole purpose of your existence
In human form

This is why the Master points
“Your Self-Realization is the
Greatest service you can render
To this world!” **

Dear One, come inside
Surrender attention in the heart cave
For the Beloved awaits
To deliver sacred Union
By causing love to be hit by lightning!



* “Love hit by lightning” is a phrase I heard Jim Carrey speak in an interview and it instantly rendered beingness 

** This is a quote from Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi


* The No-otherness Series of books are resources for your awakening and living awake.

* Check out the book, “What is Enlightenment? A Simple Guide“, which demystifies Enlightenment, and brings you clarity on preparatory practices vs direct paths to Enlightenment.

* Available now, “Awaken: An Experiential Exploration of Enlightenment” – is a resource that guides you to the direct experience of Reality, the One without a second. It is a guided form of Self-Inquiry, for those who find the natural self-exploration in the form “Who am I?” to be challenging.

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