Beyond Ups and Downs, Something is Unchanging

Happiness is fleeting, peace is brittle
Love is fickle, possessions slip
Fears and worries, anger and resentments
Lack and grief, are never far
Are you doomed to live life in this way?
Stuck in reacting to the ups and downs?

The short answer: NO!
Beyond these changing experiences
Is something that is unchanging
Which is who you really are!

Time to recognize your unchanging real nature!
Time to awaken to your boundless freedom!

How to do this?

All your experiences
Are experienced by you
The “I” that you think you are
So find out who or what this “I” is
Starting with this question
“Who Am I?”

Continue this Self-Inquiry
Until what remains is the “unchanging”

Want guidance with Self-Inquiry?
Get the Awaken book
Recognize your unchanging real nature
Awaken to your boundless freedom!



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