Be Free

This is a journey
Not of accumulation
Of trinkets of wisdom

This is a journey
Of shedding the load
Of the false self

Why then oh mind
Are you off to gain
More knowledge?

What can a teacher
Give to you,
The Light of Lights?

What can a book
Add to you,
The Source of Wisdom?

At best, there are pointers
That can bring clarity
To the confusion in Illusion!

And those pointers
Are all around you
Already, in every turn!

Your suffering
Your pain
Your failures
Your guilt
Your jealousy
Your grudges
Your resentments
Your anger
Your fear
All these are pointers
When seen right
Point right back
To that which is Real!

Your gratitude
Your devotion
Your compassion
Your integrity
Your generosity
Your love
Your joy
All these are pointers
Right back
To that which is Real!

The Sun
The wind
The rain
The rivers
The mountains
The forests
The birds
The trees
The animals
These teachers
Bear pointers
Unfailingly pointing back
To that which is Real!

Your breath
Your sight
Your hearing
Your smelling
Your touching
Your thinking
Your feeling
Your body
Your mind
These are pointers
Always pointing back
To that which is Real!

You are drenched in This
You are surrounded by This
Your every experience
Is lit up by This

And yet, you drag
Along on your
Acquisitive journey
Trying to gain something
Trying to set something right
Trying to make something better
Trying to awaken
When you already
Are That which Is
Awake and Shining!

Rest that attention
In the heart!
And Be Free!



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