The Sacred Silence

The burning embers of anger
The crushing darkness of fear
This is your mind-body swinging
Between unresolved past
And uncertain future

What is overlooked
In this agonizing movement of mind
Is the stillness in-between
Where peace-love-happiness shines
As the light of being

Moving mind is symptom
Wandering attention is cause
Stilled attention is cure

Attention is stilled
By resting attention in the heart
In the sacred silence within

That is the essence of
The Peace Practice *

Cultivate peace
And experience life
In the present
Where Grace moves
As it is



* The Peace Practice is a free, live, simple meditation, online on weekdays. It is just 15-minutes long, and it is a powerful way to cultivate inner peace.

Regular participants of The Peace Practice share stories like this:

“I can find that place of peace before I begin my day which really sets the tone for the entire day. It makes it easier for me to stay in a place of peace, and also find my peace again and again throughout the day as life’s challenges arise. And Sundar’s wisdom and soothing voice are absolutely perfect.”

~ Lori P

Join The Peace Practice and find out for yourself the transformation that happens in your own life.

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