Be Careful What You Let In

Ships aren’t known to sink
Because of the water around
When they take in water to drink
Sunk in the ocean they’re found

When life’s ups and downs come
And storms of change blow into town
Dear One, be aware of mind’s drum
What gets inside and weighs you down

What is inside is what counts
What you think, how you feel, matters
Joy rising, happiness mounts
Or when plans come to tatters

Let in comparison and jealousy you breed
Let in judgment and prejudiced you become
Let in gratitude and from wants you are freed
Let in compassion and beauty will come

Be careful dear One, what you let in
Into this home called body-mind
So you don’t sink from what is within
This is what the Masters remind

To keep the body-mind clean
To reset it to original form
From overthinking you should wean
Let rested attention be the norm



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