Surrender vs Giving Up

Giving up is a resignation
To present circumstance
Usually followed by
A lack of enthusiasm
Accompanied by lethargy

Surrender is an acceptance
Of life’s flow
Usually followed by
A surge in clarity
Wisdom and strength

Giving up is
The “I” resting in itself

Surrender is
The “I” flowing with life

When you hear the Masters point to surrender, be very clear about this – the Master is not asking you to give up on life. Quite the contrary – the Master is pointing to let go of the “I” that you think you are, and come into the flow of life, to be the flow of life.



Radical surrender is the direct way to realize your real nature and be That, your original self. That can be really hard, even as it is so simple. There is another direct way to awaken to your true self. Check out my book “Awaken: An Experiential Exploration of Enlightenment.” It provides guidance for inquiring into your real nature, into the essence of who you really are, precipitating surrender.

You can also cultivate surrender by cultivating resting attention in the silence of the heart. This is what we do directly with The Peace Practice. Initially, the benefits seen are the increasing experience of peacefulness in your daily life. As the practice deepens, there is a rooting of attention in silence.

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