When You Lose A Dear One …

In the loss of a dear one
Great sadness can arise

A gnawing vacuum
Seems to have appeared
To stay forever

What you are missing
As the form of the person
The incredible hole
That you feel inside
Is a very real reflection
Of having lost
A part of yourself
In the world

But what is missing
In the world
Is ever-present within
As the wholeness
Of your original nature

In addition to the gift
That was their life with you
The parting gift
Left behind for you
By your loved one
Is this precious reflection

Open your heart-mind and
Listen deeply without judgment
To what your loved one
Has to say to you now

Go within!
I’ve always been there
Inseparable from you!
Go into the silence
To that stillness within
And there I await
Your attention
Where no one Is missing!

My essence is
Your essence
The essence!

Intimacy is its experience
Wholeness, its nature
Love, its name!

Let attention dissolve
In this Love
And become Love
So you can live as Love
Drawing others in
To the heart cave
While you still have the body
As I now do
With body having gone!

Why was I in your life?
To reflect to you
This sacred Truth
That is the essence of
Who you are!

Through my flaws
And the feelings
That they caused in you
I reflected to you
What it feels to have
The veil of otherness
Come over the Love
That you truly are!

Through my beauty
Through my kind words
Through my generosity
Through my listening presence
Through my compassion
I reflected to you
What it feels to have
The veil of otherness part
And reveal the effect
Of the sacred essence
The Love without conditions
That you truly are!

You may miss my form
Now that the form is gone
But make no mistake
What I really am is not the form
That was born and can die
Because That which I am
Is unborn, and thus, eternal!

The original “I” that I speak of
Is the very same “I” that you really are
The One essence
Without a second
In which there’s no room
For otherness
Because That One is No-otherness!

It is not just me
That came in this form
To reflect to you
Your real nature
To awaken you
From the slumber
That is otherness!
Everyone in your experience
Is here to do the same
In every single moment!
This is what Love can do
This is what Love does
Always intimately present
Offering reflections in the moment
To your precious essence
The sacred One
Without a second!

Don’t wait for others
In your life
To die and pass on
To realize this secret
That is hiding
In plain sight!

Awaken now
To your essence
And in so doing
Be free of the suffering
That comes from loss
Be free of the pain
That comes from fear
Embrace these
The unchanging peace
The unconditional love
The causeless happiness
The unbounded wholeness
Your real nature
And be the light
For others To awaken!

Remember! I am here, now
In the silence
Of the heart cave
Never apart from you
Or anyone, or anything
Rested attention will reveal this
In direct experience
What chattering mind
And confused beliefs
Never can!

Dear One
Sit with this reflection
From your loved one
Whose passing you grieve
And realize that
It was big Love
That appeared as them
To wake you up
To the big Love
That you really are!



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