Who Am I?

A Deeper Understanding of Devotion

Does cultivation of devotional surrender lead you to the same experience as the cultivation of Self-Realization? Do the paths of devotion and wisdom arrive at the same destination? Here, I share how a deeper understanding of devotion simplified it all for me.

Discover the Real-You

An Invitation from the Heart, to discover your true nature: “The human form, with its creativity and intellect, is a blessing to better explore life and living! Why spend life in exploring the outer world alone when the greatest adventure lies in wait for you to explore your own real nature?”

The Pursuit of Knowledge

I valued the pursuit of knowledge for most of my life, including on my spiritual path. Life experiences, however, thrust me into the realm of miracles that I couldn’t explain from my rational-skeptic mindset. The heart of the heart of this desire to seek knowledge, it turned out, was to find the answer to the most important question, “Who am I?”