The Journey to Surrender

“I thought about You so often
That I completely became You
Little by little You drew near
And slowly but slowly I passed away. “

~ Rumi

I was absorbed in my world
Where worries and fears
Like tornadoes swirled
Piercing me like the devil’s spears

So deep I was stuck 
In judgments and labels
Barely noticing how they suck
And kept me in my fables

If my bouts of anger were scary
When I flew into sheer rage
There was no sanctuary
From this animal in a cage

Trapped in endless desires
Attached to thousand things
I was burning in fires
Stoked by Maya’s wings

Truth was negotiable
So was honor and my word
Doing what kept me sociable
Real Truth I never heard

Until one day something stirred
From deep within
Through lenses blurred
And tingling skin

I was caught in a trap
Of my own making
Deeply stuck in crap
Freedom I was forsaking

There must be something more
Where was the peace
To soothe my feelings sore
Where was that life of ease

And in a moment’s pause
The clouds parted a bit
I saw where light was
In my heart was the Spirit

There began my travels
Inside my own heart
What then unravels
Causes me to fall apart

Come To Me My Child
Says the whisper from inside
Spirit beckoned and smiled
Now Return To My Side

I feel that touch of Grace
Soothing my frayed being
Time to drop the rat race
And follow the path freeing

Little by little I learned
How to be still
To hear what I had spurned
But never again will

The more I paid attention
To Spirit in my heart
I was eased from my tension
In a world falling apart

The more I sat in silence
The clearer Spirit was
Pointing to all the turbulence
That came from the I’s cause

The more I embraced peace
Naturally arising from Spirit
The more life flowed with ease
Showing how to live with merit

The more I accepted love
Spirit’s love I became
Here, there, below, above
Everywhere it was the same

The more I opened to joy
I was Spirit’s happiness
Just another Spirit’s toy
Sent to the world to bless

Spirit, the more I rest in it
Spirit, the more I will be
The I drops bit by bit
Only Spirit is here to see

Dear one, it is a play of attention
What you attend to, expands
Attending to the I, it amplifies tension
Attend to Awareness, you are Spirit’s hands

This, the Master says
Is the path to awaken
Surrender to Spirit’s ways
And navigate the world unshaken

So dear one, Spirit, the more you rest in it
Spirit, the more you will be
The I in you drops bit by bit
Only Spirit is here to see



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