You are the Sky

“You are the Sky.
Everything else –
It’s just the weather.”

~ Pema Chodron

How we get caught up

In the gloom of cloudiness … Hopelessness
Drenched in the rains … Desires squashed
Freezing in the cold … Feeling stuck
Scorched by the heat … Burning with anger
Blinded by the lightning strikes … Getting confused
Shaken by the thunder claps … Feeling fearful
Blown about by the wind … Swinging between happiness and suffering

When our real nature is the Sky
… Expansive
… Silent
… All-encompassing
… Unaffected by anything
… Always present
… Can accommodate anything
… Peaceful
… Abundant
… Serene

You think you are the one
Who experiences the weather
But, in reality, who you are
Is the Sky itself!



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