You want Grace, but are you pushing it away?

Grace is that mysterious force that is behind manifestation.

All too often, we are mistaken about what Grace is and what precipitates its flow. This is evidenced by how we treat Grace as a force external to us, that you need to coax and plead with a deity to receive, and perhaps even bribe the deity with promises and offerings to secure.

However, Grace is like an ever-present gentle rain shower. With no discrimination, it pours over all of existence.

The question is whether you are ready to receive it!

Concrete pavement, brick buildings and such may have rain fall on them, but at best, they are indifferent to it. Soil of certain types, on the other hand, are so ready to receive the rain shower, that they take within themselves, and nurture the growth of plants and trees.

With respect to receiving Grace, are you like concrete pavement? Or are you like the soil ready to receive and soak in it?

In the context of Grace, you become like concrete pavement when your attention is wandering in past and future, flitting between clinging and aversions, taking a stance that here, now is not good enough. This is resistance of the now. This is the opposite of acceptance. For you, now is not good enough. But Grace can only move here, now. Can you see how so easily you could block the movement of Grace?

What is, is Grace in motion. If you cannot be in acceptance of what is, it is not possible to come into the flow of Grace. All your prayers, intentions, affirmations, these would be useless, if you cannot also be in acceptance of what is.

How to be in acceptance of what is?

There are some beautiful ways. A simple, yet profound way, is to rest attention in the silence of the heart. Here, in the openness, the natural contentment, the peace within, you come into the totality of Grace’s flow.

Oh, another important thing: You cannot bend Grace to your will. You can only surrender your will to come into Grace’s flow.

You can cultivate the art of resting attention in the heart, through the simple, yet profound Peace Practice. Join us online for free on weekdays for live 15-minute sessions of The Peace Practice.



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