Real Prayer

Folding your hands
Bending your knees
Sitting in Lotus pose
Opening arms to the sky
These don’t matter
As much in prayer

Your robes
Your rituals
Your offerings
Your promises
These aren’t as relevant
In your prayer

Grace is here, now
What matters is this
Will you let Grace in
Will you let Grace move
Will you let its wisdom
Unfold as it will

To experience this
Come into prayer
Not with your wish list
Not with your demands
Not with your bribes
But in total surrender

Come into prayer
In silence
For it is in stillness
That Presence is felt
And Grace moves
Without distortion

Ask not for anything else
Except maybe that Grace
Flow this way
In you or others
As it is

If Grace is there
Dear One, what is missing?
What could you ask for
That Grace knows not?
What greater prayer
Could you conjure?

Where to find
That sacred silence?
How to be in
That holy stillness?
Simple dear One
Rest attention in the heart!


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