Your Specialness *

It is common in contemporary life to remind people that they are special.

What is missed in this reminder is that the specialness is not just in their make up as a human being, in their personality, their gifts, their body-mind.

The real specialness that is in you is in fact so special that words cannot be used to describe it.

In you there is something unchanging
Its nature is unchanging peace
It is unconditional love
It is causeless happiness

In fact, all your experiences in life, of peace, calmness, serenity, compassion, love, happiness, contentment … all of these arise from this specialness within.

You can touch this specialness in you, when striving mind pauses in silence.

The Peace Practice is a simple, daily meditation practice that helps you touch this unchanging peace in you, by helping attention rest in silence.

Don’t take these words to give you some knowledge or wisdom or make you feel good. All that is worthless. What matters is if you can take this pointer, to your specialness, and walk there to it in your direct experience.

Join the free Peace Practice live sessions on weekdays to experience this for yourself:

Yes, you are special. But not just in the way you think you are, or what others acknowledge about you.

The real specialness in you cannot be named, or spoken of in language, but can be experienced directly.


*Specialness is not a real word, but then no real word can adequately explain what is being pointed here, to That which is in you, the original-you

Awaken to your specialness with “Awaken: An Experiential Exploration of Enlightenment.”

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