The Mystic Melody

There is a mystic melody in you
Whose tune can soothe and heal
Whose notes can bring great peace
Whose vibrations pierce the veil of ignorance

Soaking in this mystic melody
Thousands have been transported
Across the stormy seas of life
To the shore of liberation

It is soundless
It is vibrationless
It is never-ending
It runs deep

What is this mystic melody?
Silence, Pure silence
The language of God
The foundation of your being

Now, do you see
Why the Bible says
“Be still and know that I am God!”
Why Ramana Maharshi says
“Be silent!”

The greatest teaching is
In the greatest language
In its purest form
The silence that you really are

Come within dear One
Cultivate the art
Of resting attention
In the silence within

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Cultivate the art of resting attention
In the silence within



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